Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Me & My New Boots

Straight up & honest, this week has really sucked. Getting up at 4:30 am sucks.....starting barn chores at 5:30 am even more if your my neighbors because the sheep are really loud when they hear that grain bucket......driving 50 minutes into Cleveland at 6:50 sucks because there is this glaring sunrise on your windshield & some drivers don't believe in sunglasses or sun visors cuz their so cool?.......and it totally sucks to be in a school with NO air conditioning with windows that face south & by noon my room is baking at at least 90 degrees & thats with 3 fans blowing hot air (not my hot air of course, the students:).....can you tell its been over 85 degrees all this week & I am, lets say, feeling annoyed, irritated, little bit of anxiety going on BUT thats okay because this past weekend I got some power to make me feel better.

These are my NEW Timberland PRO Series work boots They are made to work. They are guaranteed waterproof (Gortex lined:). They come with electrical hazard protection, guess so I won't electrocute myself. The tag even says it will give me 24/7 comfort for rigorous work so I can keep more crappy attitude from I can kick butt & take no crap in the barn. Got these suckers on sale for $53.97, marked down from $89.......guess it pays to have a size 5 1/2.
So, I told Johnny that when he steps on my foot I won't totally cuss him out because I have my new boots on. He wanted to know about the gelding thing & I said I have 3/4 of the money saved so its still on:)

I walked me & my new boots over to Windswept Yankee to discuss up coming breeding plans. He said he wanted all the girls like Jed got.......but I said maybe 3 because I am working on the whole polled thing.

Then me & my boots walked over to check on the 20 bundles of Sweet Annie that I tied up this weekend......probably could still get another 20. This stuff grows like a weed at my house. My friend Lisa is a certified herbalist & she uses Sweet Annie as a natural wormer for her goats....she has had great results. Gotta be careful not to over use it however. It takes awhile for the animals to acquire a taste for it. So I am drying it for her & I. Barn totally smells like Sweet Annie. I've seen this being sold at craft shows for like $5.00 a bundle!

Well, my boots & I gathered up all my Fall magazines I have gotten in the mail & I have been slowly reading them.......Why? Why do I get these? All they do is create more ideas, more mess, more work.........but I just love them!!!!

And of course, my boots & I continued to put up fall decorations. I love this pumpkin sign....I paid $2.99 for it on Friday & its all wood! I have it hanging on my garden barn.

Oh, and I wanted to share my new painting that I bought in Amish Country. I love the simplicity of this picture. If you enlarge it you can see the pumpkins on the front porch.
And you guessed it, my boots & I hung this in my living room:)
So, that what me & my boots have been up too. I am sure they will get plenty of wear in the next few months.


Pat in TN said...

Well Kristi, when I read the beginning of your post I was bummed out thinking, "WOW, this is not Kristi and her usual post", but then I read about your boots, and woo hoo, it just kept getting better. You know I might have to buy me a pair of those cuz it just seemed like everything got better for you once you put them on!

I absolutely love the painting of the old house/pumpkins on the porch that you got in Amish Country.

Tracey said...

Well, I hope your boots and you have a better rest of the week :)Love all the fall decorations!

Pamela said...

Really enjoyed your post--so funny. Still laughing about the "gelding thing". Oh, and your conversation with the two rams. Hilarious.

Corinne R. said...

Size 5 1/2 boots???? I could get my big toe in.
I think that being in a room full of middle school kids in 90 degree heat with no air would make anyone a little cranky! :-)

Tammy said...

Hi Kristi,
It's hard to get back 'in the traces' isn't it? Especially when it's hot. Everything seems worse when it's hot. Love your new boots! I have a question on the "Sweet Annie". Years ago I bought some dried bunches of ornamental type plants from a gal (who has since passed away). I still have one that needs to be tossed, but I've wanted to get more for years and didn't know what it was. The name "Sweet Annie" is ringing bells! It looks similar to yours, only mine has dried out brown. It has a very distinctive, almost medicinal smell. I love it! I was wondering, if this might be the same plant if you have any spare seeds to send?? I'd love to get it started in my yard.
Take care,

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Love your posts, Kristi. But what's this about the "polled thing"? Are you joining "our" ranks???

kristi said...

Thank you everyone for stopping by to hear me ramble...its amazing what alittle shopping are a total weakness. I worked in a large department store chain for 15 yrs & I was in the shoe dept. Shoes are a serious issue w/me:) Birkenstocks & Timberlands are my total downfall.

I will so send you seeds. When I get them dried I'll email U for your address. Sweet Annie makes great wreathes for fall too:)

I am loving the polled sheep so I guess I'm going to the "other side"!

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