Saturday, September 6, 2008

Just because pics......& Cat #13

At home there is nothing more satisfying then giving the sheep their hay so they stop screaming at you like they have not been fed in days:) I am so proud of the baby lambs as they are just pushing their little selves right into the mix of it is food after all!

I promised Tammy I would post a pic of my milking stand that I so proudly bought at an Amish Benefit Auction. I paid $130 for it & its oak. I put a polyurethane coat on it to help protect it & I'll us a rubber mat on the stand so it will not be slippery & to help keep it clean.
It did come with 2 headpieces also. I priced the metal stands out & they run well over $220 & then the shipping cost is pathetic. So, I think I did good!

Below is Alvin. Alvin is a really, really, cool cat! About three years ago I came home from school & went into the small barn to feed & when I turned around to come out these 2 very little black kittens came running up to me, just meowing their little hearts out. Well, those 2 turned into 5 little black kittens. My Pembroke corgis Attie found the other 3 making their little way out of the field. Needless to say this happened in the month of October & I was not taking them to a shelter as they were all black. The smallest & weakest of the 5 (they were about 5 weeks old) sadly did not make it but I was able to find homes for everyone, 2 went to fellow teachers. And I just could not give up Alvin. Alvin is so friendly but you have to watch him because he is famous for jumping into your arms when your standing there & he does not give prior notice.

Did I mention that Alvin is the youngest of my cats? Did I mention that Alvin is cat #13? Now, I know you thinking, "Oh my gosh cat #13? 13 is such an unlucky number, she should have 14 cats!" And your so right.......but my family said they would disown me so I had to stop at 13. There is a lot to say when it comes to my cats and they each have a special story but 13 pics is alot to load in at one time so I will do it slowly. But I can tell you I have 3 white cats, 5 black cats, 3 black & white cats, a tortoise colored cat, & one Siamese cat. See, its all color coded, works out much better. And don't worry, I listened to Bob Barker & they all participated in the Bob Barker spay & neuter program:) LOL
You know though, I have always wanted a Maine Coon cat.............


Tracey said...

Alvin is so handsome :)
Ohh, you need a calico too....LOL!!
Looking forward to meeting the other 12 kitties soon.
Take care,

JaniceW said...

I love all the pictures of your animals. I am a teacher in new Zealand, and have always thought that I would love a life style block. That's what we call a hobby farm here. One day I hope to get there.

Pat in TN said...

Always good to see pictures of your animals, but yikes, 13 cats!! You definitely need to get #14, so all is well! LOL

Your milk stand is to die for ... made mine look prehistoric! All oak, WOW, and built so well. I know you can get bargins at those benefit auctions ... you lucked out.

melanie said...

If you show us one more beautiful farm item produced by the local Amish, I swear I am coming down to live with you until you take me shopping!

You are so lucky to have the ability to take in the Lucky 13. Every time I see a cute kitten I melt, and my DH goes into apoplexy. It's a miracle I managed to get approval for cat #2, who is allowed to stay, ONLY if he remains an outdoor cat...

Pat in TN said...

I agree with you Melanie, all the beautiful things Kristi has and how neat her place looks just makes me go, "WOW!!!"

Kristi, I must ask, if you don't mind ... how long have you been there doing your thing? In some ways it looks like you're very well established, yet in other ways everything looks so new/fresh, it doesn't seem that old.

Tammy said...

Thanks for showing the picture! The stand is indeed a work of art. I'm going to print the pictures out and stash them in my projects notebook. The concept looks very simple, and easy to put together.
Or maybe I'll just look up a local Amishman and show him and see what they can come up with! :-)

kristi said...

I can't make that promise because today I went to a Fall Craft show & it was a good coming tomorrow so you are welcome to come to Ohio & I promise to take you shopping:)

Wow, New Zealand! I hear it is a beautiful place. So, I have a life style block.....I like the sound of that!

oh, such a long story. We really need to meet & have lunch when you come back to Ohio for a visit. In simple terms my little place really has evolved in the last few years. I would have to say that over the past 5 years I have added a barn each year...this year was my coop which cost $1200...yep when I get stuck on something I get tunnel vision. I have basically worked 2 jobs since I got out of high school. I am only teaching now but I do so many "little things" all related back to teaching) to help bring money to my place. There is a lot of tears, love, ambition, mom/dad/sister support, & serious hard work wrapped up in this house & I still dream about more. I just never give-up because I believe in myself that I can do it. And so I dream a little more each day:)

Pat in TN said...

You've accomplished A LOT in a relatively short amount of time, and I love your spirit/spunk. I look forward to seeing more of your dreams come true on your blog, and lunch sounds great, if and when we get up that way.

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

That is a beautiful milking stand! I have a ratty old metal blocking stand, no sides and I use a rider's mounting block as a ramp, but hey, a neighbor GAVE me the stand so I'm not complaining. So far I've used it for trimming sheep feet (so much better than all that bending over), but Inky, my new ewe, has been milked before so I may have to try it as a milking stand. Have you milked your La Manchas yet? Kinda sounded like not.

Corinne R. said...

Ok, I missed all the stuff about the milking stand and cats...I was too fixated on the pretty little Gulmoget with her rear to the camera in the first picture, LOL.