Monday, September 15, 2008

Ike Comes to the Buckeye State

So Hurricane Ike blew into Ohio late yesterday afternoon & the winds just were a total treat. Now I know they were only around 50 ish mph here so I know that does not remotely compare to what Texas got but it sure was enough to question what was going to remain intact while the winds blew. Of course, I had visions of the baby lambs blowing around but they all huddled in the barn next to mom. In the morning I did chores as usually, had lots of small tree limbs in the yard but I didn't even notice these trees till I got home this afternoon.

Both of these are located on the south side of my property, right along the small creek. They are on the opposite side of my yard, away from all my barns so I didn't even pay any mind to that side of the property this morning.
Now of course the most important thing was that my sunflowers & my bottle neck gourds all remained intact through the 50 mph winds....... go figure!!

Now of course since I am a "single white female doing the best that I can" (this is the line I use on my ex-hubby) I know that these trees will eventually need to be cut up. So, I am looking for some reinforcements to use........

The goats were the first to volunteer!! They are little debris eaters! I had a some big willow branches come down once & they cleaned up the leaves off those branches in no time flat. Of course, the problem with them is that they don't understand the difference from debris & the good stuff!
But I think I am needing heavier reinforcements. I know my little electric chainsaw won't be able to do the job. I think I need to call in the "friend with benefits".........the ex. Now I am thinking that I did give him the chainsaw in the divorce....I know he got the truck & I got the house....yeah, I probably gave him the gas chainsaw too:)


Tracey said...

You are gonna have to be real sweet to Mr. Ex so he will help, huh?

kristi said...

Oh heck I've known him since I was 17...i know all the strings & he is a great animals sitter too! Actually the only one I have:)

THANK YOU FOR MY AWARD!!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!! Of course I won't tell you it took like 15 minutes to figure out how to get it to my place LOL

Pat in east TN said...

I was worried about you ... family in your area had much damage from the winds, but at least your home/barns/animals, and you, are ok.

Good thing "Mr. Ex" is there to help you out ... those look like pretty big trees.

Congrats on your award!!!

Stace said...

I feel for you...we had some wind up here in VT, there were some trees down on the road and lots of twigs and such, but what we got was nothing in comparison to what you and all the states between you and TX got. Good thing you have goats and an Ex to help clean up that stuff. :-P.

Tracey said...

You are so welcome for the award!!
Wish I lived closer and I would be an animal sitter in a second :)
I know, I have a hard time figuring out computer and blog stuff too :)
Sometimes, I have to call up my friend who got me started blogging and get a phone tutorial on how to do stuff..LOL!!

Adventure girl wanna be said...

Oh my word! I am here from tracey's place;)

I am obsessed with farms and living on one someday.

I am adding you to my farm blog list!

kristi said...

Pat, thanks for thinking of me. I have friends that live in Cuyahoga Country that still have no power:( Electricity is definitely a must for me!!!