Friday, September 12, 2008

For's your sign!

Whenever I have a bad day or week at school or just perhaps need a pick-me-up, I know that I can always count on my animals to bring a smile back on my face. Such was the case on Thursday. It had been a LONG day at school. As routine I always take the dogs for a walk first before I feed the animals. I often have my camera with me too, "just in case". And well on Thursday I appreciated what it means to be a goat who's having a bad day.................

Poor Patty, perhaps she thought she needed to put a "bag" on her head, perhaps she was shamed of being a goat & really wants to be a sheep but knowing Patty & knowing she is a LaMancha, she was just creating mess for herself. I think pink looks good on her, don't you ? And there is Sassy, looking at her like she is a total fool (that's cuz Sassy is a Nigerian Dwarf).
Life on the farm is never a dull moment so Patty for making me smile & laugh like's your sign! :)

PS.....the bucket was not stuck on her as there is no handle on it


Tracey said...

I think Patty just wanted a pretty pink hat :)
Have a great weekend !!

Pat in TN said...

I think she knew you had had a bad day and just wanted to lighten it up for you, BUT she does look pretty in pink!! LOL

The Zifcheck's said...

Sometimes the cute things won't wait. When your (Mom) is a decorative painter and have a Dad that can build see things and buy before we "make" them for you. Sometimes we don't have the time to "make" the things you see,(sometimes you are very impatient), so your purchases are warranted.

We have just about the same taste in things so we often buy the same things not knowing what each other has purchased. It's uncanny.

We always have fun at the craft fairs especially if "Dad" is not there telling us that we don't need anything. Guys are not fun at craft fairs.


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Do you milk your goats?