Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Autumn's Cute Factor comes to Harvest Thyme

I have a serious problem when it comes to Fall Craft shows. Its an issue, perhaps an dedication, but it only comes once a year & truly Fall is my favorite time of year so let the shopping, crafting begin! Okay, but just a word of advice. Don't let your Dad or any other male drive to a craft show. It should strictly be done by a female. On Sunday I made the mistake of letting Dad drive. I swear at every booth I looked at he was there, lurking over my shoulder, just shaking his head. And then I had to limit my buying because he had a car not a mini-van. So stressful but I did manage to buy some things to add to the many things I already have!

The first craft I bought was this cute window screen to hang "somewhere". That's my cat Tasha in the pic. Tasha & her sister were brought into the vet. clinic where I use to work to be euthanized. They were 9 yrs old at the time, declawed, spayed, & somewhat over weight. Reason for euthanizing? Owners said they just didn't have use for them as their son was going off to college? Yep, sounds like a perfectly logical reason to me. Teesha, Tasha's sister became the vet. mascot & Tasha obviously lives with me. Friendly, loving, very affectionate......oh and did I mention she is now 18 years old?

So, back to the crafts. Does this scarecrow just scream "cute!!!" And at $20 I just could not pass it up! I was concerned it would not fit in the car but it did. Overalls are compliments from me. Overalls are a size medium & my rear anatomy has been upgraded to the next size so I felt it was my civic duty to donate them to a worthy cause.

This is the beautiful mum I bought in Amish country & of course it needed a stand to hold it. Go figure, this little chair was the perfect fit! Come on, it was only $12!!

Oh, and isn't this little chair too cute!! I thought it would look perfect next to my fireplace in the living cost $15 and the cute factor......priceless!

Since I am on the subject of my favorite time of year, I have decided to name this ewe lamb "Autumn's Splendor"! I'll call her Autumn . She is turning into a beautiful young ewe.....what do you think?
Oh, I wanted to tell you that there is another really great fall craft show coming up in 2 weeks.......I think just Mom, sister, & I should go:)


Tracey said...

Hi Kristi,
Oh no!! Your plans were discovered on the last post!! Well you can always say a newfie appeared on your doorstep needing a home....
Tasha is a beauty. I can't believe she is 18 years old! It's cause she gets so much love :)
LOVE all your fall stuff!!
I love the name "Autumn's Splendor". Such a pretty name for a pretty lamb.
I want to come on a field trip to your house, oh and can I tag along to the craft show too, pretty please. I promise I'll be good :) LOL

Pat in TN said...

You sure find the cutest stuff, and I LOVE the scarecrow!!

Yes, going to craft shows with any man can always be a challenge ... ugh!!! They can make the funniest noises, give the weirdest looks, make such remarks ... best to leave them at home or plan to meet at some common spot at a certain time. Ha, what can they say when you come walking up with an arm load of stuff ALREADY bought!!! LOL

Can't believe Tasha is 18,(what a sad story) and "Autumn's Splendor" is such a pretty name.

Kara said...

Oh Autumn is a very pretty ewe lamb. I love this time of year.

Amanda said...

Just stumbled across your blog! What neck of the woods are you in? I am in Wisconsin and your landscape looks "midwesty", that's why I asked :) I love the crafts you found, especially the screen painting and the scarecrow, just adorable!

Corinne R. said...

Well, ya know, when the kids go to college you have to get rid of your pets....WHAT??? When a friend of mine worked at the Humane Society, a lady brought a dog in because she got new carpet and the dog didn't "match" the carpet color!

Christy said...

I love fall crafts too. Your cat is beautiful!