Thursday, September 18, 2008

Animal Pics Around the Farm

I honestly can say my life would be very boring without my animals. Everyday they come up with something new to either amuse themselves or amuse/drive me crazy. For example there is my cat Moo. Today Dixie was just having a fit over at my neighbors, barking & carrying on. On further investigation I found Moo perched on my neighbor's excavator (he is a new neighbor & he redug the pond that was on the property).

Moo, is just one of those cats that just does "whatever, whenever" & he does not care if it is a dog, sheep, or goat as he will swat or chase it down if necessary. Moo came to me via my old neighbor's sister who was living at that house, bought a kitten for her daughter, then a few weeks later bought a puppy & decide she didn't want the kitten so she put it in the field so it would go away. Yep, once again a totally logical explanation for getting rid of a pet. Moo I think is 6 or 7 now.
These 2 little ewe lambs have become buddies. The yuglet sokket gulmoget (one on the right) is the LOUDEST lamb born & she loves to talk to herself out in the pasture. I am still working on names.........

Above is my seasonal cowboy. I "picked him up" for $4.99 2 years ago. And each Fall I pull him out, clean him up, stick him in the yard so he makes everything look cute for Fall, & then I pack him up......sounds like a winning recipe for a good relationship with a guy:)
Dixie says I am just being silly!!!!


Tracey said...

I am with you on that!! A boyfriend that doesn't talk and you pack him away when you are done with him!! LOL

Pat in east TN said...

It doesn't matter what you post is about, as your posts and pictures are always something to look forward to.

I like your seasonal cowboy, and HA, the winning recipe is a hoot!!!

Pamela said...

You know, I really wonder what people without animals do. What a poor, pitiful, uneventful life they have.....but then again, they don't have to shovel manure 2 times a day, so maybe it balances out? doesn't balance out :)