Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Place I Call Home

I was thinking that perhaps I should share some of my homestead, the place where I spend my thyme, the place where I hope to harvest and enjoy all my hard work; the place my animals and I call home...........
Above is my garden barn. All of my barns are Amish made (that would be because I have taken one too many rode trips through Amish country.....thanks Mom & Dad). That is my resting & reflecting swing. A big maple tree to the left offers nice shade in the summer.

This is the backview of my garden barn. Each year I try to add one or 2 raised beds and each year I loose a bed to nosy goats who can't resist a taste here and there. Next year I am going to enclose it in white picket fence.....I refuse to be beaten by the goats!!!

This year I added my chicken coop....well actually the George Bush

stimulate the economy check helped add the coop. I have 28 chickens

and eggs hopefully coming by the end of August!!!

I couldn't find a really big pic of the animal barn but that is it in

the background. This is Windswept Betsy & her black smirslet ram

lamb and her moorit/yuglet/flecket ewe lamb. They were taking a

family walk. So, there you have it.....a small stroll around my

homestead. I hope you'll come back to see more in the future:)


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I saw your comment on Tammy's (Musings from Fairlight Farm) blog, and followed your link here. Welcome to the blogging world and Shetlands! I can't recommend either one highly enough. Please do tell us more about when and why you got your Shetlands, and we'd love to see them all.

Tammy said...

Hi Kristi,
So glad you stopped by my blog. I have bookmarked yours to stop by often. You have a wonderful,beautiful place and I love all your 'Amish' buildings. Can't beat them. Looks like you have some gorgeous Shetlands too. I'm also a 'single homesteader' so I look forward to reading about how you cope with some of the everyday challenges of a small farm. Right now I'm pretty disgusted all the way around with sheep (and myself). Yesterday was weaning and sorting day, had to separate babies and some older sheep that are going to new homes. Very frustrating how they can often manage to have the upper hand! What should have been an hours job ended up consuming most of the day, as the 'stupid sheep' (yeah, right) managed to release themselves from the area of containment. Argh... Plus the heart wrenching cries of the weaners are wearing at me. ha
Anyway, so glad you stopped by! Come by often and leave comments as well, and I plan to do the same.

Pat in TN said...

I also followed your link over from Tammy's blog ... it sounds like you have a very interesting, and full life. Love the pictures of your place and animals.

What area of Amish country do you go to? My husband is originally from Holmes County.

Pat in TN said...

Oops ... meant to say I love the name of your homestead and love, love, love your swing. I gotta get me one of those!!!

Christy said...

Your place is beautiful! I'm very jealous. We really want sheep so badly.