Saturday, August 2, 2008

My first lambs, my first blog!!

I decided today I would dive into the world of blogging. I silently stalk other bloggers, esp. Shetland bloggers; maybe one day someone will read mine.. ....Of course, I pray that my students will never find me out there in the blogging world because then I will never get away from them:)
I thought I would start with a simple picture & one of my favorites. The ewe lamb on the left is my first spotted lamb born and needless to say I have fallen in love with the little princess. She is out of Sheltering Pines Spirit (a ewe from Stephen's Hilde.) and Little Country Acres Jed. (a polled black gulmoget ram from Juliann). The ram lamb on the right is a Shetland/Cotswold cross and will be wethered. He has some serious curl on that fleece. He is such a sweetie. I had 12 lambs born this year......most of them in June & July. Well, I thought that Jed. might be too small to breed any of the girls and I thought that breeding season was over and I didn't want to put him with the 2 horned Shetland rams and so I put him in with the girls and so when everyone got now I have 12 summer lambs....but they sure have made summer fun:)

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