Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Let's Go for a Walk Dixie

The day before have to go back to school is always such a downer. I know I should not complain because I am blessed with having my summers off but I still feel sad when I have to go back. I have to go back because I am the dept. chair for soc. st. in my building but the kids don't come back till next Thursday. Who is the idiot who thinks its more productive to go back in August? Why not just wait till the day after Labor Day? Isn't that how it was back in the day?

Needless to say I was just in one of those moods today where I did not know what I wanted to do so Dixie & I took a walk......she loves to go for walks around the yard.

Sometimes when we go for our walks we find animals who think they are people sitting on the deck enjoying the scenery. This is Cubbie, my first wethered goat, who finds hanging out on the deck much more relaxing than hanging out in the barn.
We always take a walk around the barns to see what's happening out back.........

And then we like to check out the gardens....notice I keep the gate closed due to escaping goats & lambs:) We really need some rain here in Ohio. We got so much in June & then there was nothing and there is still nothing and tomorrow its suppose to be 86 degrees......gross. I am looking forward to fall....notice I already put my scarecrow flag out. I actually have been decorating all over the yard & inside the house for fall......hey if the stores can do it so can I!

This is inside of the gate. The flower garden is coming along, sometimes I get impatient but I know it takes time. I really need to stop subscribing to all those stupid magazines then I would not start all these gardens. But then I might be that's a scary thought.


Garrett808 said...


I have FIVE of them and do performance and conformation events! Juliann Budde sent your blog link our way!

Nice to 'meet' you!

Tammy said...

Beautiful gardens! I love the picket fence/gate. Looks so pretty and serves a useful function too.

Nancy K. said...

Your place is beautiful!! The goat lounging on the deck cracked me up. ;-)

Pat in TN said...

Yes, the goat chillin' on the deck is a hoot ...your place looks so inviting and relaxing. *sigh*

Pat in TN said...

Forgot to mention ... some schools in my area, east TN, started as early as 8/4, then 8/11 and 8/19. It seems so unfair and so early. In 'my day' it was always the Monday after Labor Day.

S. said...

What a beauty that Dixie is. Of course being her Gramma I'm a tad bit biased :)
Glad I found your blog. I love it, great job.