Sunday, August 17, 2008

Lessons to Learn

I just want to give a shout out and many hugs & thank yous to Tammy at Fairlight Farms and Michelle at Boulderneigh who gave me my first comments on my blog!!! I was so excited to have been discovered! I now have that extra bit of confidence to keep blogging!

So, depression is slowly sinking in.....its that sad time of the year when teachers have to think about going back to work and its that happy time of the year when parents are so excited to send their children back to school cuz their children have just about tried their since I only have 4 legged children (except Simon the 3 legged cat) I don't understand this urgent need to release children back to school, though when my niece, age 3, and my nephew, age 6, come to visit, they are quite high maintence and I need a nap when they go back home:)

Of course, as a teacher I need to be thinking of a lesson to start the year off with and since I teach 8th grade and they already know everything at that age, sometimes this can be "challenging". Perhaps I will start off with some simple, common sense approaches....nothing too high tech.

Perhaps I should discuss what it means when someone says "The grass is not greener on the other side" And then perhaps I could tell them about the "monkey see, monkey do" philosophy.......or should I say, "goat do, lamb do"?

And yet the hardest lesson can not always be taught by a teacher, it is a lesson that only a person can teach his/herself and it comes from the heart: be yourself, laugh at yourself, and never think your too old to have a little fun:)


Pat in TN said...

I really had to laugh at your pictures of the goat and sheep, but loved the last one with the sunglasses!!! What a hoot!!!

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I homeschooled kindergarten last year; we're still in the throes of decision about church school or homeschool this year. I'm not at all sure I want to send my son off into someone else's care! But I've run into plenty who just can't wait to be "rid" of their children; always makes me wonder why they had them in the first place....

kristi said...

thank you for stopping by...I sent U an email cuz I was writing too much!!

Homeschooling Kindergarten would probably kill me...I give you total props on that! School has changed so much & education in general is very frustrating esp. when there are parents who want teachers to do everything & do nothing themselves...but there are very good school/teachers out there:)

Anonymous said...

You are, hands down, the BEST teacher I've ever had. And we both know that I went throught enough of them. :) You taught me that when you think there's nothing else you can count on, you find yourself. The fact that you never gave up on any of us, even though we had our 'incidents', makes me believe that there are still some good people left in the world. Cleveland Public teachers get very little money, and very little say in what goes on anymore. But rest assured, you changed someone's life. Mine. Love ya, Kathy