Saturday, August 23, 2008


This is day 3 in Ohio with temps over 85.........I AM DONE WITH HOT WEATHER! Is this a sign of irritation? perhaps because I am now 40 pushing 41 in a few months? I am to young for hot flashes........where is the fall weather?
I decided that perhaps my Nigerian Dwarf goat named "Summer Rain" could perhaps do a rain dance. She was born about 4 years ago in August when there was a lot of rain, hence her name. However, she looks about as thrilled as me about the weather and opted to stay in the shade.

Psst....... did you notice anyone lurking behind the tree? Is that my little Jammer?

Speaking of hot spots......this is my Johnny Reb. Hey, a girl just can't have spotted sheep! I have always wanted a leopard Appalossa but then I found out about POA's. I thought they might be a better size for me (I am a staggering 4'10 1/2 feet tall by the way) & since I hope to ride Johnny one day, POA size was a plus! Johnny came to me from Rindy up in Danbury, Wisconsin. I got him for $400 but go figure, it cost $400 to ship him to OH. I got him last November & let's just say I am a total novice in the horse dept. but him & I are slowly coming along.
PSST..........Johnny doesn't know it but in about 3 weeks he is gonna be a gelding:)

And last but not least in the hot spot my little "Squirt" ( he had a lot of issues w/house breaking hence his name). This is Squirt's favorite spot to nap on a hot day or too cool down after he chased some rabbit in the field. He is my attention deficit child in so many ways but I just can't help love a beagle mentality.
So, these are some of my topics of the day.......maybe I'll just get the water hose & do my own rain dance:)


Pat in TN said...

Having lived in your area of OH for many years, I can totally relate to what your saying about the temp. For some reason 85 in OH is HOT, hotter then 85 down here in east TN. All I know is we don't visit family during the summer months anymore.

I love the pics of your animals. Jammer is too cute peaking out behind the tree. LOL I love your horse, how lucky are you!?!?!, and Squirt looks like a cutie with a neat place to lay.

Nancy K. said...

Oh my, Kristi! You are a novice with horses and bought a STUD COLT??? I'm assuming he is an unbroken stud colt? Your POA is beautiful and I can see how you'd want him but (having been very seriously injured in a fall from a green-broke horse) I've got to warn you ~ TAKE LESSONS and have him professionally trained! I was almost killed and I am a very experienced rider!

I don't mean to nag but I hate to see anyone go through what I went through....

OK, I'll get off my soap box. Just promise me you'll always WEAR A HELMET !


kristi said...

never think you are on a soap box w/me, I prefer straight honesty & one of my closest friends, Barb, said the same thing but she made a litle more "explicit" remarks, & I still love her. Johnny will be broke by a prof., not me. I am just working on the "simple" things like halter, lead rope. Once he is gelded, he is going to be trained. I know I should have gotten an already broken one but sometimes my heart rationalizes before my brain. If he becomes too much for me, then I would sell him. I will be taking lessons w/a helmet for my hard, stubborn head....thank you for caring, by the way do U still have some orange lipstick?

if I could I would move too Vermont in a heartbeat cuz U know in one day temps in OH can change by 30 degrees!!!!