Thursday, August 21, 2008

Harvesting Good Women & A Good Book

Alarm goes off at 4:30 am (really its 4 but I set my alarm 30 minutes ahead, some pyschological game I play w/myself), first day back to school.....are U kidding me? Ten minutes later it goes off again, ten minutes later.....okay I'll get up. Today is a trial run to see how much time I will need to get ready for I got to school at 8:50.....I mean I did stop to see Mom & Dad on the way in....okay so I will do better tomorrow......obviously my plan needs tweeking.

There is no air conditioning in my school, it was like 90 plus degrees plus Ohio humidity so tape does not stick well on walls, the computers were not up & working, I could only get one channel on the TV & it was not the one that had my soap on it (go Young & the Restless:) so left at 2:30....I did get some stuff done but I left a mess for tomorrow. I was not feeling inspired nor were the animals when I got home. So I fed a little, walked the dogs, & turned on the computer.

I was excited to see new people came to visit me & then I thought I would see what everyone else was up to. And there was Nancy's post, stacking all that hay........ yep, thats what single farm women do....I stacked over 150 2 weeks ago. Just me & the young kid throwing it up to me. Why? Insanity? Nope, just cuz it has to get done & if we don't do it, who will? Its work but there is always some satisfaction lurking around the corner. Sometimes I get depressed when I see what others have but then they might be a couple, & sometimes I get annoyed when people don't realize I AM OUT HERE BY MYSELF & YES ITS CALLED WORK!!!! And then I smile when I get a compliment because someone has the same values as I do & appreciates what I do.

So, with all that said I would like to share some of my favorite inspirational books with you. I am an avid book reader/collector & these are books that inspire me and consul me when I need it.

Women of the Harvest by Holly Bollinger & Cathy Phillips
Vermont Farm Women by Peter Miller
HARVEST: A Year in the Life of an Organic Farm by Nicola Smith
MARYJANE'S: Ideabook, Cookbook, Lifebook by MaryJane Butters (also a great magazine!)
The Soul of Vermont byRichard W. Brown

Please share your inspirational books with me & others on your blogs, after all we do have sheep in common..............
no butt's about that:)


Pat in TN said...

Kristi, I have to say, "Hats off to you and the other single farming women out there!!!". I honestly don't know how you do it, but I do admire you all. There have been times that I've had to carry a greater part of the load due to my husband's work schedule, BUT there was always the option to leave some stuff for him to do, if I wanted. I rarely did/do though as I'm stubborn and determined .. ha!

Keep up the great work ladies!!!

Love the book recommendations too.

Nancy K. said...

Isn't it funny how, in our minds (mine anyway!), stacking hay, cleaning the barn, trimming feet, worming, mowing, fencing, etc., etc., are not considered "work" but going to the darned job that pays the bills is what we resent and wish we could do without???

Which is not to say that there aren't plenty of times that I wish I had somebody to help me with a particular task. Like the upcoming sheep show in Wisconsin: I'm terribly intimidated at the idea of loading up all the sheep and packing everything and hauling the trailer. But I'm gonna do it...

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

"Bean Blossom Dreams." Don't have much time to read anymore, so I'm reaching back into my foggy memory here.

Pat in TN said...

"Little Heathens" is a light, fun read about 'hard times and high spirits on an Iowa farm during the great depression'. Many of us can relate to the farm life of this lady as a child ... I laughed, moaned and groaned, enjoyed this little book. I found it a neat summertime read when I'm busy with this/that and can't get into anything heavy.

melanie said...

Well, I read on your profile that you like trashy historical novels, so please tell me you have read the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon...that picks me right up - even after stacking hay all day. I admire any woman who stacks her own hay, so few of us can do that these days!

Very nice blog - I can't wait to hear more.

Pat in TN said...

Well last week you were doing 'test runs' in preparation for the beginning of school ... sooo, how's it going now? What a long, long day you have, but am sure there are chores to be done before you leave and even more when you get home. Whew! Imagine those evening chores help you unwind after your day with your 8th graders. Do you have class after class or are there some breaks during the day for you to catch your breath?