Monday, August 18, 2008

Got Lambs? Gotta Sell? Gotta stay!

After much aggrevation, delated pictures, waiting to upload I finally would like to share some of the lambs that were born this year. This was my first real lamb crop and I pretty excited about them. Little Country Acres Jed, a polled black gulomoget is the sire of all the lambs.....thank you Juliann!

Above is a black ram lamb. He is polled, just like his father. Born in April, mom is a fawn kat with VERY NICE fleece. He is for sale & I can definitely get better pics if interested. I am asking $200 for him.

This is too cute....I mean a moorit, yuglet, flecket, sokket ewe lamb:)( did I say that right?) She is really coming along nicely. I am going to keep her so then I do not have to keep hoping I have a spotted ewe like Stephen at Sheltering Pines!

This is a very solid moorit, sokket ewe lamb. In my opinion she has nice confirmation. She is for sale.......I am going to ask $300. Please buy her cuz I can really rationalize keeping her:)

Okay, now is this not the darn coolest ram lamb? I asked Juliann about the markings, and we have decided on a black gulomoget, flecket (so close to being yuglet!!) sokket ram. What do you think??? Okay, seriously, I want to keep him in the worst way BUT I am going to put him out there for sale. I am asking $425.......did I mention he has extremely small scurs?? He was born the last week of June.....did I mention I think he is really cool?

These are 2 ewe lambs, not related. The one on the left is marked????? Her fleece is very taupe in color...and the face is marked??? She is out of a spotted, fawn Abigail who is my #1 favorite ewe...I am going to keep her because her fleece is very nice and because she is so unique. The one on the right is a black gulomoget ewe.....very shy and quiet. She is out of Windswept Savannah Grace...a beautiful mioget ewe. I am asking $300 for her. I can send better pics if anyone is interested.

This moorit ewe above is the twin to the black gul. ewe above. Her facial features are just stunning....just like her mom. She is a talker too! She is for sale at $250.

This little black smirslet ram lamb is the twin to the moorit flecket, yuglet ewe way above. He has small, about 1/2 scurs on his head. He loves my cardigan corgis and loves to have his face licked. He was born on July 4th!!!!!! Perhaps he could be called "Firecracker"? He is for sale at $175......actually I think he would be great as a wether/fiber pet too. If interested in him as a wether let me know and of course the price would be adjusted.
Now of course I have 2 more to show you BUT you have to wait for another day or so because they are way too awesome......and of course my complete favorites of this year......oh darn, teachers should not have favorites but I promise not to tell them. So what do you think about Harvest Thymes first lambs? I think I am in love...........


Mim said...

Saw your name on Michelle's blog. Wonderful blog and beautiful sheep! Your place looks so inviting! I dream of having a Corgi some day to help out with the sheep. Does your Corgi work to sheep with you?

kristi said...

thank you for visiting & your kind comments:) My corgis is in "training" as she is also a show dog. She is a cardigan which I think are more laid back with a sense of humor verse the Pembroke which tend to be, in my opinion, serious and attentive but I love both kind. Dixie, the corgis, is wonderful with the lambs & is a right barn helper!

Tammy said...

You have some pretty awesome looking lambs I'd say for your first 'crop'. What lovely markings and colors. It would be so hard to decide who goes and who stays! That little yuglet ewe lamb is way too cute. I would call your gulmoget ramling a smirslet/sokket, as I'm not sure he qualifies for flecket (of course he may be more marked than he appears in the pix too)? Definately would think the face marking qualifies for a name though. ;-) Gets pretty tricky at times. Regardless he is a beauty too and very colorful.

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

Isn't it cool how we all kind of end up in the same places? I followed your link from Michelle's also, very nice lambs!
I feel like the odd man out here, I think I am the only one in the circle who doesnt raise shetlands :)
Nicely done!

Nancy K. said...

Hi Kristi! As another single-shepherdess I share your love for the simple things. Your homestead is BEAUTIFUL! How incredibly peaceful it looks...

Pretty lambs too! I look forward to watching them grow.

I'll link your blog to mine...

Sharrie said...

Lovely lambs, from another middle school teacher (retired). I looked for a Corgi about 3 months ago but couldn't find one. Yours is a doll.
What do you teach? I did 7th; my praise to you. Eighth grade girls can be bane to the existence of all mankind.

kristi said...

yep, you are right, I should have said smirslet...thank you for noticing:)& thanks for the complaints!

I am so glad U stopped by. I have admired your site for quite awhile but was too "sheepish" to leave a comment but now I will:) I will have a lot to say on the whole single/country/farm thing. I hope to link people when i figure it out....thank you 4 the complaints on my home:)

Sittin in spin...I could not find your first name, even on the website..Help!!! don't worry about the shetland thing, I'm probably the only one that can't spin!

so you so understand! I teach 7th & 8th grade history & I can roll my eyes & smack my lips just as good as the girls...oh & I have the hand thing down pretty good too. I tell them I learn from the best! thank you 4 stopping by!

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

What's not to like? Lots of pretty colors, patterns and spots, and polled genetics, too! Why don't you live closer???

Garrett808 said...

i love spotted gulmoget lambs! And the smirslet gul/kat ewe lamb you have. Wow first year and you get one! How cool! congrats!

North Star Shetlands said...

Beautiful sheepies! Very nice smirslet gul-kat girl...thank god she's not for sale or I'd have had to spend more money! lol :) And gorgeous corgi as well. Can't wait til I get my farm and get a Cardigan or three. If you don't mind, I'll add you to my list of blogs :)