Thursday, August 28, 2008

Barn Rule #1

As a single, woman hobby farmer, I have one simple rule to live by so that things run smoothly when doing barn chores:
However, there have been "some" occassions when the occupants of the barn fail to read these signs & things do not go as planned, choice words are thrown around, threats of selling them off (obviously that hasn't happened:) & perhaps an utterance that I refuse to feed them if they don't listen. Often this falls on deaf ears & I get the impression that one or more of them might be just telling me in animal talk to "kiss their you know what". Do they not understand that I am an educated woman, spent thousands of dollars on that MA degree, & in one morning of chores they can deplete my self-worth?
No, they don't care because in the blink of an eye they pull something else & I just throw up my hands & say, "WHATEVER"!!!!!

Such is life for a woman & her animals:)


Pat in TN said...

Mmmmmm ... do you think when you're gone during the day they 'plot' against you? HA ... probably not, it's just how it goes, but I do remember those frustrations.

Neat pics, especially the last one.

Nancy K. said...

Your little sign is quite lovely and a nice, decorative touch ~ but surely you know that it is the animals that rule and you are there to serve them...


You'll feel oh-so-much better when you just accept that as a fact and stop deluding yourself into thinking that you are somehow in charge!

(said the lady who's preparing to work all three days of this holiday weekend so that she can afford to feed her animals through the long, cold winter)

Tracey said...

I just wanted to tell you I just found your blog (can't remember how I got here though) and I really enjoyed it!
Read it "cover to cover" :)
I am your new "groupie"....LOL
I too am a single 40 something gal...and I dream of having a few acres and some critters (other than my cats and dogs).
I look forward to coming back to visit!
Take care,

shepherdchik said...

I LOVE your barn sign!!!