Saturday, July 4, 2015

Monday, June 29, 2015

How Chicken Lake Came to Be

June in Northeast Ohio is finishing up as the 3rd rainiest June in the record books.

There have been a lot of storms that have passed thorough the way too many.
While I may be annoyed, some on the homestead are not.......for example, the chickens.  

The chickens, as usual, are very busy creating a lake.
It was become known as "Chicken Lake".
And while there may be droughts in other states, here the rain has continually kept Chicken Lake filled all month and at the rate the rain is coming I anticipate it to be filled all summer.

Chicken Lake has formed because the girls peck at the ground to get the bird seed that falls from the feeder hanging from the maple tree.  Yes, I do appreciate the fact that the bird seed does not go to waste......

........however, I have filled the "lake" at least 3 times with dirt and to no avail.
I have officially given up.
So, I guess that Chicken Lake is not "man made", its chicken made.
Just another chapter in how the chickens drive me crazy with their silly antics.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

"All In" for Summer Break

May 28th was my last day of school.
My list things to do this summer is extensive.
However, I do need some time to decompress after a really, really long school year with an average total number of students for the year at 235.

So, I started out by taking my nephew and his friend to the first Watch Party for the Cleveland Cavaliers when NBA Finals started.

We had an AWESOME time!!!!! Honestly, I could afford to pay $5.00 for Watch Party tickets.....$350 plus for Cavs Final Game tickets is NOT in my budget:)

There was a nice storm the other day which resulted in this beautiful double rainbow.  Dixie and I went looking for the pot of gold ........
...........we are still looking..........I will update more later......

Monday, June 1, 2015

A Cardinal Nest Sighting!!

A couple of days ago I noticed a female Cardinal frequenting the small picket garden in the front of the house.  

She was quite "chatty" and appeared very busy.  

She is a pretty girl and getting a picture of her has been quite the challenge.  

Then I noticed a male Cardinal being very attentive in the same garden area.
I have never seen a Cardinal nest in my yard so I was very anxious to find out if there indeed was a nest of new baby Cardinals.

I kept an eye on the male and the female hoping that they would give me a clue about a possible nest of baby Cardinals.

To my surprise and delight, the new family is in the blue spruce right outside of my bedroom window! 

Here is a picture of the baby Cardinals!! Boy, did I have to take a super quick picture of these little babies because Mom and Dad are watching this nest 24/7!! It is so awesome to hear them in the morning as they are calling out to their Mom and Dad. If I hear them being very chatty and loud I am right there checking to make sure my cats are not out there being annoying.

Momma Cardinal is very proud of her little Cardies and I promised her I will do everything I can to protect them:)

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Getting Caught in the Act

It was kind of an embarrassing moment.
I was taking my dogs for a walk around my neighbor's pond after it rained....
when I saw this.

What the.......????
The first thing I thought was "Oh, that's so cute!"

But then I looked closer and the look I got was, "B*#c* what are you looking at?"
Opps, I guess I caught these guys in an intimate moment.

Actually, according to my research (of course being a teacher I  wanted to know what was "really going on") my smart phone informed me this is called "amplexus". This is when the male "hugs" the female and waits for her to lay eggs so he can fertilize them.....ain't that somethin'? 
Learned something new today!
I wanted to ask the male if he preferred older female toads.....I mean he looks kinda 
young.......or maybe she is like a cougar toad.....just sayin';)

Sunday, May 24, 2015

A Thoughtful Gift from a Student

Friday was the last day of school for my students.
Elementary teachers usually get cute gifts from their students. 
High school teachers might get a card.....maybe.  High school students just don't roll that way..... I don't take offense.  I usually get a hug and a "see you next year" or the famous " you are my favorite teacher".......whatever;)
This year I got the most thoughtful gift from Kassidy, one of my favorite ( yes, teachers have favorites) students.

I LOVE IT!!!!!! Totally cracked me up!!!!
My students learn show much from's amazing!!
Kassidy told me I have to grow the cow first and send her pics. Definitely will!
She told me she thought long and hard about what to get me and as soon as she saw this she knew she had stumbled upon the right gift.
Silly girl......I knew she was one of my favorite students for a reason:)

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

"Kidding" Around at Home & in Chicago

So I am in Chicago on a 2 day field trip with 40 of my 9th grade students.

Our first stop was Notre Dame University.
Had lunch and a quick tour and then we were off to the Windy City!

Lots to see in this big city!  It is my first trip here so it's pretty exciting......Shedd Aquarium, Navy Pier, Field Museum, Medieval Times......

......taking selfies with your favorite dinosaur from Night at the Museum movie.   Not sure about this selfie thing.....makes you look like heck and really distorts your natural hair color.....seriously.

And so while I am having fun in Chicago, Gwen is at home having her babies. She is killing me!  I knew she was going to do this to me. She refused to pop those kids out on Monday and on Tuesday at 2:00 in the afternoon while I am taking silly selfies my students, my mom sends me this picture.
I know Gwen did this to just mess with me.
All is well with Gwen and her babies but her and I are going to have words when I get home.

But more importantly is what in the heck is up with this Chicago morning traffic?????? Who has patience for this every morning!?!?!
Our boat tour of downtown Chicago is at 10:00 and I am not missing lunch at Bubba Gumps so these cars need to get moving!!!!