Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A New Quilt for Theodore

I have been wanting a new quilt for my bed.
The one I have is over 3 years old and has seen better days.

I found this really nice flannel printed quilt set that included 2 pillow shams.
It was an Eddie Bauer exclusive.
I got a really good price on it.

The colors matched perfectly with my bedroom.

So, I bought the quilt set for me  Theodore......
because the colors matched his colors
and I knew he would look cute playing on it......I wonder what Santa will bring me this year.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Kitties can't go out and play today

"What are you looking at Theodore?"  

 "It's raining outside. You can't go out and play today Theodore."

"Yes, I know I only let you play in the screened in porch.  It's very  windy and chilly and you just got over getting sick so no Theodore, you can't go out and play today."

"No Millie, you can not go out and play either.
 Kitties have to stay in today because it's raining."

Monday, October 26, 2015

And then the Autumn Leaves began to fall.....

Autumn Greetings!

The leaves started to rain  down this past weekend.

The ground is covered and there are still many leaves to fall.

The maple leaves made for a festive background for Meesha's blue merle colors.

And of course my Dixie girl is always waiting for me to take her picture just because she knows she is the perfect angel.......sometimes;)

How can one not think of a wooly sheep on a perfect autumn day?

So I have to admit I garage picked this perfectly good ladder this summer ......a fun way to display some Fall decorations!

My absolutely favorite Autumn mums!

Even the chickens are enjoying the layer of leaves that have created an Autumn carpet on the ground.  While it may seem like a lot of work to rake the leaves, I enjoy spending time outside and appreciating what the season has to give! 

Thursday, October 22, 2015

My Ride in a Combine

Most people have a bucket list.
I do.
Going for a ride in a big combine is on my list.
I got to check it off this past Sunday.

I bugged my hay guy enough that he caved in.
Ok, he probably just wanted to shut me up but I'll take it.
I got to go for a combine ride.

He said I couldn't ask a lot of questions.
So I asked the most important questions only.

Like do you think Malachai is out there?
My hay guy gave me "the look."
I locked the door.  
Just in case Malachai was out there or just in case my hay guy wanted to push me out for asking 
"dumb" questions.

Farmers get so little credit for what they do.
I find it fascinating to learn more about a way of life that seems to be disappearing from American lands.  Less than 2% of the American population is involved in farming. In the 1780's, it was 95 %. 
So many things wrong with American priorities.

On a lighter note,
  I did impress my hay guy cuz I knew the history of the McCormick reaper.  
I am smart like that.
I thought I would use it as leverage.
I asked if I could drive the combine next time?
My hay guy gave me another " look."

I said  I think that was a "maybe" look.
He said maybe not.
So riding in the combine is checked off the bucket list.
Driving the combine is still on the bucket list.
The combine did not drop me off at my truck.
I had to run walk to my truck.....just in case Malachai was out there.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

My Dream Dog

I bought the dogs a new bed......

.......it seems to be working.
I wonder what Dixie is dreaming about.........

Thursday, October 15, 2015

My Chickens are a Mess

The chickens have taken it upon themselves to establish a new routine.

When they see me come out of the house and walk onto the deck, they come running up for "treats."
Ok, so I admit that I "occasionally" throw them scraps of whatever I have in the kitchen.  
They, however, have taken the "occasionally" to the "daily" level.
I think the chickens are bullying me.

I was cleaning up in the garden and I saw them stalking me.
I made them this pretty dish of tomatoes.

I hope they like it.
I wonder if they appreciate all that I do for them?
What would they do if I don't give them daily treats......?

Look at them scamper for the treats.
My chickens are a mess.
No, maybe I am a mess..........
What a mess.