Friday, October 31, 2014

How I Scared Myself on Halloween

Today I scared myself......seriously.
Okay it started off in the morning.  Its so flippin' dark out when I am feeding the animals at 5:45 am so sometimes I do stupid things in the dark when I can't see.  Like pulling a bale of hay down and not realizing the one next to it is a tad higher so when I yanked the one I wanted, the other came down too and hit me in the face.....awesome.  Even more awesome was when I got into the house 30 minutes later and looked in the mirror I had blood on my face and a nice one inch scratch on my cheek.......perfect for Halloween, no make-up required.
So, it got better when I got to school.
I am in charge of the morning PA announcements.  Every day I play a one minute music clip at the end of the announcements.....its my personal way of getting back at the kids:) 
Of course, today was Halloween so I had to pick the best Halloween song ever.
Yep........... I picked the one and only.......
...........Michael Jackson's "Thriller"!!
I thought I would give the students some trivia facts on the song before I played it.
You know, cause the music these kids listen to today is so lame;)
The first fact........the biggest selling album ever......yep I bought it!
Second aired on December 2nd, 1983.......come again?
That would be like 31 years ago!
How can that possibly be 31 years ago?
I remember watching that video like it was yesterday, not 31 years ago!
I can not possibly be that old.  I was 15 years old when that video
PS.......When the kids asked where I got the scratch mark on my face this morning, I told them I got attacked by the Grim Reaper in the barn and I won.....these kids today believe anything;)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Pumpkins......Oh My!!!!!

 Hands down, autumn is my favorite time of the year.
I love decorating, I love Fall smells, I love the colors, I love the food...........
and of course, I love the pumpkins!!!!!

Last Friday was Charm Days in Amish Country.  Of course, it started on a Friday so of course I came down with an awful headache & cold which caused me to call in sick to school.....I hate that when that happens.  It was so bad my parents had to come and take care of me.....cough, cough.  

Our first stop was Hershberger's Truck Patch stop for some bakery and yes........some pumpkins!!!!
It became overwhelming on which ones to get...........

........the white ones were very cool.........

.........I just was having hard time finding the perfect pumpkin!!!

Isn't this the coolest display of pumpkins!!!

After a number of attempts to get a picture of me and my Mom in front of the display, my Dad finally got an off center picture using my smart phone.....he was just killin' me!!

Dad preferred just sitting around while me and Mom did some shopping in Charm. 
That was fine......then he couldn't see what I was spending money on;)

So, when all was said and done.......
.....these are some of the Fall goodies I filled my little wagon with when I got home!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Now I have a Duck........

So in the previous post I discussed the fact that I have a squirrel in my backyard.  
A squirrel that my neighbor brought home and now drives my dogs crazy.
Now I would like to discuss the duck that I am feeding........

Ms. Duck has been around for about 3 years now.  She has been a frequent flyer at my neighbor's pond.....the same neighbor who brought the squirrel home.  Below is a picture of her and all her little ducklings she had back in June.  She is a very protective mom and my neighbor and I were very watchful of her and the babies.

We would count them every time she brought them out for a swim and we stressed out when we did not see them every day.  Everyone seems to have grown up and moved on.........except mom.

Last Friday I was "sick" and had to take a "sick day" off from school.  When I feed in the morning during the week its around 5:45 am and its dark so I don't see everything going on or better yet, who comes to eat.  So on Friday when I was "sick" and feeding around 8 am I was quite surprised to see a duck eating right along side of Jed.......come again???? 
Then after a closer look, I realized who it was Momma duck.....ain't that somethin'?

She has no shame........picking up all pieces of grain in the bowl.........

..........and picking up around the alpaca's feet.  The boys were oblivious to her and I believe she could care less what they think as long as she gets any missed grain.  When she was done with the boys area I watched her walk over to the bird feeder area and pick up seeds the birds knocked to the ground.....notice the chicken eyeing Ms. Duck up;)

I asked her why she hasn't flown south yet.....I got no answer.  She apparently likes her new routine as I saw her waddle up all this weekend.  I think she has been doing this for awhile and I just caught her in the act:) 
I left her some extra grain under the bird feeder on Monday morning......and on Tuesday morning......and this morning.......and probably tomorrow morning......
This is crazy.   I didn't ask for a duck.
 I. Am. Not. Buying. Duck. Food. 
I probably should put straw in the dog house that the dogs never use in case she decides to stay for the winter and needs a warm place to sleep...........

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

There is a Squirrel in My Yard

I have lived at my home for 21 years.  
In 21 years there has never been a squirrel in my yard.  Honestly.
Until now.

A few weeks ago I was telling my neighbor about this silly squirrel who is hanging out at the bird feeder and how there has never been a squirrel in my yard and who is totally driving my dogs and his dog crazy ( I babysit his dog a lot cuz he works late).  My neighbor proceeds to tell me he thinks he brought it home in his work truck.  What??????
Apparently he came home from work and when he was unloading the truck this squirrel jumped off the truck.  Seriously????

So now this squirrel is my problem.  See my neighbor is single and more interested in finding a new girlfriend and playing with his boats so the new resident squirrel is not high on his priority and responsibility list.

Good thing I am a total sucker and was at this craft show last weekend and bought this cute metal squirrel feeder for this stinker to entertain his squirrely lil' self. 
So I spent $20 to buy this feeder plus $6 for a bag of corn when there is a huge free pin oak tree loaded with acorns in my yard.
He better not get hit by a car in the street or I am really going to be pissed after I spent all this money on him;)  

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Hornet Nests in My Trees

This maple tree is in my front yard.
I can not even count how many times I have walked under the tree this summer.

I mowed the grass around it.  I have a small bird feeder in there that I fill. My cats sit under the tree for shade.  I just trimmed a bunch of branches out on the lower level.  Its a popular tree in the yard.  The other day my parents and aunt and uncle stopped over.  
Within a half hour of being there, my uncle pointed to that same maple tree and said, "Hey, did you see that huge wasp nest in your tree?"
"Really? Where?" was my response.  I was shocked to see a huge nest hanging in one of the lower branches. How I missed it is beyond me but it definitely was active and HUGE.   Later that evening I called my neighbor over to show him the nest.  As he was walking up toward the tree he pointed and said, "Wow that is a huge nest!"  He was not pointing to the nest I was going to show him.....what the heck?!?!? Another one?!?! 

I have provided a diagram of the nests.  One became two and then as my neighbor and I were talking, I noticed another one!!! THREE!!!!

Those hornets are slick.  The nest are hard to spot in the leaves.  Last year I had one in the same tree.  It was really high in the tree and I could not get to it.  Thank goodness the winter was brutal and the winds knocked the sucker down.

This nest I sprayed the crap out of last night.   This morning, I cut it down and burned it. I know some people actually buy these nests.  I just want them gone.  Tomorrow night I will get the next one.  
Any suggestions on why the hornets are attracted to this particular tree or is it just a freak thing?
I just can't believe I never noticed these and then saw 3 of them!  Yuck!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Question on Shetland Ram Lamb Markings

Pictured below is one of the eleven ram lambs born this past spring.  He is my pick ram lamb and will be staying here for future breedings. His tail is not "perfect" according to the Shetland standards but in my opinion he has more positive characteristics that override the tail for me.

His personality thus far is awesome! I know you are not suppose to be "friendly" with the ram lambs but he is making it hard to resist him;).  His mom is Ag and his sire, aka Milton,  is  black, single coated, and more on the fine fleece spectrum.  I like wool that is longer in staple so I am pleased with the wool he has.

However, I do admit that I am not good at pin pointing Shetland colors and markings. So since I will be registering some of the lambs in the next few weeks, any insights are greatly appreciated!!
I was thinking a fawn, spotted gulmoget? Are the eye markings yuglet? HST ?
Thanks for reading and any suggestions!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ewes with Attitude

So, this spring 19 lambs were born.  Only 6 were ewes, the rest ram lambs....ugh.
This was the largest amount of lambs I have ever had born on the farm. 
 They are driving me crazy....little escape artists.....playing catch-me-if-you-can.....whatever.
Wooly little stinkers.

Pictured above is Pawlett.  Okay, I admit, she is a favorite.  Her mother Betsy is the matriarch on the farm and the most stubborn sheep I have......stomps her foot at me whenever I get in "her way" and personal contact is beneath is the world according to Betsy.  Final answer.
Pawlett, however, has always been friendly, loving skin scratches, coming up for hugs and grain.
I was so thankful she was not like her mother.
Then she became a mom for the first time.
  I have become a mire after thought.
The only thing that matters are those twin ewe lambs.
Pawlett is 99% zoned into those girls ( 1% is devoted to her grain time ).
She will not go anywhere if she can not see those girls and she will not shut up if she is calling for them and they are ignoring her. They are inseparable. 

Daughter #1

Daughter #2
Spoiled rotten wooly lambs.  They are lucky they are so awesome.
At this point selling them is not an option according to Pawlett.
I think stomping her foot at me is not the only thing she would do to me if I sold them.
 Ewes with attitude......I don't think the farm is big enough for all of us;)

Winter at Harvest Thmye